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Bulk Bag in 1000kg UN Big Bag made of CROHMIQ fabric for bulk transport and packaging

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جزئیات محصول
Un Certification UN Certified Coating Anti-static
Load Capacity 1000kg Dust Proof Yes
Bottom Option Discharge spout Top Option Filling spout
Static Protection Yes Size 90x90x120cm

1000kg UN Big Bag,Bulk Bag UN Big Bag,1000kg UN Big Bag CROHMIQ fabric


Bulk Bag UN Big Bag


1000kg UN Big Bag CROHMIQ fabric

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Product Description:

Product Overview: UN Big Bag

The UN Big Bag is an essential product for industries that require safe and efficient transportation and storage of bulk materials. This versatile bulk bag is specifically designed and certified to meet the strict requirements of the United Nations, making it the top choice for companies around the world.

Bottom Option: Discharge Spout

The UN Big Bag comes with a discharge spout at the bottom, allowing for easy and controlled unloading of the contents. This feature is especially useful for industries that handle fine or powdery materials, as it prevents spills and loss of product during transport.

Weight: 1.5kg

The UN Big Bag has a lightweight design, weighing only 1.5kg. This makes it easy to handle and transport, while still providing a strong and durable packaging solution for your bulk materials.

UN Certification

As the name suggests, the UN Big Bag is certified by the United Nations. This means that it has undergone rigorous testing and meets all the necessary requirements for safe transportation and storage of hazardous materials. With the UN certification, you can be assured that your products will reach their destination safely and without any damage.

Static Protection

The UN Big Bag is designed with static protection in mind. The anti-static coating on the bag prevents the buildup of static electricity, which can be hazardous when handling certain materials. This added safety feature ensures that your products are transported and stored in a secure and protected manner.

Coating: Anti-static

The UN Big Bag is coated with an anti-static material to provide an extra layer of protection for your products. This coating not only prevents static electricity, but also helps to repel dust and moisture, keeping your materials clean and dry during transport and storage.

In summary, the UN Big Bag is the ideal choice for industries that require safe and efficient transportation and storage of bulk materials. With its discharge spout, lightweight design, UN certification, and static protection, this bulk bag offers the perfect solution for your packaging needs. Don't settle for anything less, choose the UN Big Bag for your bulk material handling needs.


  • Product Name: UN Big Bag
  • Size: 90x90x120cm
  • Static Protection: Yes
  • Safety Factor: 5:1
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Top Option: Filling spout

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Value
Product Name UN Big Bag
Dust Proof Yes
UV Protection Yes
Coating Anti-static
Static Protection Yes
Bottom Option Discharge spout
Load Capacity 1000kg
Safety Factor 5:1
Lifting Loops 4
Top Option Filling spout
UN Certification UN Certified
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UN Big Bag - The Perfect Solution for Safe and Efficient Transport

The UN Big Bag is a specialized bulk bag that is designed for the safe and efficient transport of hazardous materials. It is UN certified, meaning it meets all the necessary regulations and requirements set by the United Nations for the transportation of dangerous goods. This makes it the ideal choice for companies and industries that deal with hazardous materials on a regular basis.

Static Protection

The UN Big Bag is equipped with static protection, which is essential for the transportation of flammable or explosive materials. The bag is made from high-quality materials that are able to prevent the build-up of static electricity, ensuring the safety of the contents inside.

Lifting Loops

The UN Big Bag comes with four lifting loops that are designed to withstand heavy loads. These loops are made from strong and durable materials, ensuring that the bag can be lifted and transported safely without any risk of tearing or breaking.


The standard size of the UN Big Bag is 90x90x120cm, making it suitable for a wide range of materials and industries. This size is perfect for loading onto pallets and can easily fit on trucks and containers for transportation.

Bottom Option

The UN Big Bag comes with a discharge spout as the bottom option. This allows for easy and efficient unloading of the bag's contents. The discharge spout is designed to prevent any spillage or leakage during transportation, ensuring the safe delivery of the materials.

Load Capacity

The UN Big Bag has a load capacity of 1000kg, which is perfect for transporting large quantities of materials. This high load capacity makes it a cost-effective and efficient solution for companies that need to transport hazardous materials in bulk.

Application and Scenario

The UN Big Bag is commonly used in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing, where the transportation of hazardous materials is a regular occurrence. It is also suitable for use in construction sites, mining operations, and waste management facilities. For example, a chemical company may use UN Big Bags to transport flammable liquids to their customers, ensuring the safe delivery of the materials without any risk of accidents or spills.

The UN Big Bag is also useful for emergency situations, such as natural disasters, where hazardous materials need to be transported quickly and safely. The bag's static protection and high load capacity make it the ideal choice for emergency response teams.

In conclusion, the UN Big Bag is a reliable and essential product for industries and companies that deal with hazardous materials. Its UN certification, static protection, lifting loops, size, bottom option, and load capacity make it the perfect solution for safe and efficient transport. Choose UN Big Bag for all your bulk bag needs!

Packing and Shipping:

UN Big Bag Packaging and Shipping

The UN Big Bag is packaged in a durable and water-resistant polyethylene bag to protect it from external elements during transportation. The bag is designed to withstand rough handling and can be used for multiple trips.

Inside the polyethylene bag, the UN Big Bag is further wrapped in a layer of thick plastic to provide an extra layer of protection. The bag is then sealed to prevent any tampering or contamination during shipping.


The UN Big Bag is shipped via freight in bulk quantities. The bags are loaded onto pallets and secured with straps to prevent any movement during transportation.

For international shipping, the UN Big Bag is transported in compliance with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. This ensures that the bag is handled and transported safely, and in accordance with international regulations.

The bags are labeled with the appropriate UN markings and hazard symbols to indicate the contents and any potential hazards during shipping. This allows for proper handling and identification of the UN Big Bag during transportation.